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2010-05-07 • Rainer Künzler
   At first only with their own voices - Hungarian recordings on the Lindström labels from 1925 - 45
Before World War I, the Carl Lindström A.G., Berlin, was one of the world's biggest manufacturers of talking machines and disc records [LOT1], which they offered in a catalogue targeted at the markets of all European countries [LOT2]. The territory of the k.u.k. Austro-Hungarian monarchy was at that time an important market for Lindström. World War I then completely stopped the Lindström productions for Hungary and Eastern Europe.

2009-05-15 • Dr. Klára Bajnai
   Links between the First Hungarian Record Factory and the Lindström Co.

It is certain that the Lindström labels carried copies of First Hungarian Record Factory matrices, Hungarian-related Hungarian recordings, and foreign recordings, mainly imported from the other countries of the Monarchy.

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